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girl you lost to cocaine

In lookbook on 03/11/2010 at 10:39 pm

Today’s been one big ole blah of a day which I had no inspiration for. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to post an outfit today till Luck Inc. released their 50L Friday dress early! The moment I bought it and put it on it just ended up turning into what you see below. Most of the items I have on are actually all items I ALWAYYYYS wear on a daily basis like the Hermony cuffs, the Abyss belt, and the Blowpop tights! :X But I thought they looked nice…like they always do. -.- lmao This post will be short and sweet because I just feel bleh and lazy!

btw – the fishnets come in ripped and not ripped versions! pretty awesome. LOOOVEEE them.

xoxo chillatrix

Hair: Exile Voodoo cheyanne

Skin: *League* Skin Deeptan -Kate- Twilight Hair (BT)

Dress: *Linc* Teasedress

Belt: >TheAbyss< NAU Combat Belt

Stockings: Blowpop Seamed Fishnet Tights w/Panty -Black

Boots: Rot Test Boots
(I can’t find it now but try searching GutterBlood Spoonhammer)
Necklace: (NSD) Rock’n’Roll Anchor Chain
Wrist Band: .:Hermony:. Studded-Wristbands BlackSet

Tattoo: GoK Carpe Diem

Piercings: ::PLFL:: Mercy Me

in the bright window shop sits the polar bear

In lookbook on 03/08/2010 at 10:17 pm

*runs down to the post below her’s and steals one of Kissey’s cupcakes* nommmmy! Today must be the perfecttt day to wear pink! hahah I wanted to be extra cutes today so naturally I’d go for stores like Tres Blah, Surf Co., and Artilleri! This is actually the first outfit I feel comfortable with the items I’m wearing. I always try to wear the Artilleri cardigan or the Tres Blah shirt and it just never felt right till I put them together! And thank god for Surf. Co for sending out such CUTE shoes for Valentine’s day for free through her group! They aren’t currently there but hopefully she’ll be making the shoes in other colors because they are just <333

There are two events going on at the moment. One, like I mentioned in my last post, is Melt where the theme is the water, ice, snow and polar bears! I went back to it last night and picked up a Tres Blah skin, and some ADORABLE accessories by [MAGIC NOOK]! I had seen on Gogo’s plurk the ‘Global Warming: Ctrl+Z’ badge on her and the nerd in me cracked up so hard. I just haddd to get it! It comes in a pack of 5 buttons for only 35L! Then right above the vendor for the badges, was the cutest little polar bear ears headband I ever seen! Well, if I had ever seen a polar bear headband before. :/ So for 95L I had to have that too! All her stuff was just amazingly well done and an 11 on the cuteness scale! Be sure to take a look at her section when you go to Melt!

Oh, oops! D: Looks like I rambled on a littttlee bit too much there! The OTHER event going on is Accessories Fair! I, personally, am very huge on accessories so much that I feel like I have more of them than I do clothes. -.- So, I tried to be extra good and not try to go to the fair…that is until I seen *SiSSi* Where are my Glasses? necklace and I NEEDED them in my inventory! Especially knowing they were completely color changeable! After clicking the evil little buy button I forced myself to tp home and put it on and squealed at its cuteness! I might love accessories, but necklaces have never really been my thing but I know I’ll be wearing these a lot! Being able to color change it to match any outfit will make sure of that!

Here are slurls for both events so you can go see for yourself!


Accessory Fair

xoxo chillatrix

Hair: =TEKUTEKU= shake(darkbrown)

Skin: &Bean Pillow Light five SB FR

Eyes: Tres Blah – Artic Eyes
(comes with the Tres Blah skins at Melt!)
Cardigan: /artilleri/ Elspeth cardigans *hot pink*

Shirt: Tres Blah Merci Beaucoup Raglan

Skirt: [ Ayumi ] Jean Skirt

Heels: Surf Couture Spring Fling Wedges – Valentine

Bandaid: { Cheeky Girl } Skinned Knees
(Now apart of 5th & Oxford!)
Necklace: *SiSSi* Where are my Glasses?

Button: [Magic Nook] Ctrl+Z Badge

Polar Bear Ears: [Magic Nook] Snow Baby Headband

Piercings: ::PLFL:: This Must Be Love

Setting: Gritty Kitty Mr. Bear Painting and Kyoot Shabby Drawer Stack

paint it, black

In lookbook on 03/07/2010 at 2:34 pm

Glitterati has released a new pose scene called ‘Into the Black’ and it is just perfect for how I’m feeling at the moment. Once again Glitterati hasn’t failed me in their new released! It has 15 amazing poses in it from sexy, cute to emo! I have a feeling I’m going to be wanting to take a lot of pictures using this as the background. As I was shifting through the poses lotsss of ideas were popping into my head so it’s going to be getting a whole lot of usage!

Melt is here, an event with a bunch of well known incredibly talented designers such as Julliette Westerberg, Emma Gilmour, Izzy Bereznyak (Who just closed his pose store penny dreadful arcade which will be severely missed!), Miel Nirvana, OMGWTF Barbecue, Radio Signals, Miabella Foxley, and just so many more that I’m too lazy to keep writing! D: I had gone last night and was just in awe at the beautiful build for the event. It’s really something you have to see! I’m hoping at some point I’ll do a blog picture from there!

Miel had a special edition of their far boots for sale which I had been wanting terribly and seeing the beige boots with color changeable socks I knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity to get them! I’m really happy with my choice as they are just beautifully made and I cannot stop camming my feet! I still need to shift through all my Tres Blah skin demos and decide which skin I trulyyy want because they are all so drool-worthy but I did put on my other Tres Blah skin Swoon from Designers United III because it’s just as amazing and doesn’t have demo marks over it. :x lmaoo

xoxo chillatrix

Hair: * 0 Style *Charlotte *(Raven)

Skin: Tres Blah Light Skin Swoon

Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Coffee

Jacket: *COCO* BomberJacket_Black

Shirt: “NINIKO” LooseTANK(white)

Skirt: Sh*t Happens Black Jean Skirt/Shorts

Leggings: *Linc* Wool Panty Khaki

Gloves: *Linc* Fingerless Gloves Black

Boots: Miel Far Boots – Polar Edition

Ears: [Plastik] Elven Ears-Battle

Piercings: ::PLFL:: Mercy Me v.3

Setting: Glitterati Into the Black

i don’t feel so far away from you lately

In lookbook on 03/05/2010 at 2:16 pm

i don’t feel so far away from you lately
chillatrix gossipgirl

Good morninggggg! Sooo, today’s look is based off of !Nayar‘s new release of panties! I’ve been trying hard not to spend so much money but when I seen him post them up on plurk I knew I had to have them in my slife. The panties come in packs of 3 and each have the cutest designs on them! I, myself, got the Rocker Babe pack though it was a realll tough choice but there’s always next time, right? I don’t have a whole lot of underwear in my inventory but these were a must for sure!

It’s FRIDAY! You know what that means?! Fifty Linden Friday of course! Lamb was apart of the list of generous designers who make 50L friday possible and has her I am a romantic hair out in both Ink and Powder for ya! I had been drooling over this hair when it had been released but I’m a strict shopper and it was over my spending limit so when I seen she put it out today I was happier than a pig in shit. After throwing it on I decided that this hair is perfecttt for a hat so thinking hard about what hat I wanted and ended up using the hat from another hair of Lamb’s Mister Sister. I took the hat off of it and placed it nicely on top of my head! Ta-daaa!

I also found a goodie as well for all you. While store hopping last night I had gone to (NSD) and found that he has out a skull ring for 1L. I am not sure how long it’s been out but it surely was a nice surprise! It is kickass looking and while I’m not much of a ring wearer I can see myself putting this bad boy on when I’m feeling tough. >:|

xoxo chillatrix

Hair: !lamb. I’m a romantic – Ink

Skin: *League* Skin Deeptan -Kate- Glam Hair (BT)

Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Coffee

Shirt: Emery Mini Top #3

Panties: !Nayar – Panties – Rocker Babe Pack [Skull]

Socks: -RC- Cluster Nana’s Knitted Socks – black

Hat: !lamb. modded off of Mister Sister hair

Ring: (NSD) SkullRitch Ring
Cigarette: FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash)

Piercings: ::PLFL:: Mercy Me v.3 (mouth)

Setting: Lizzy and I’s skybox!


In lookbook on 03/04/2010 at 7:45 pm

dear god, please make me a bird
chillatrix gossipgirl

Birds are above all my favorite animal and that goes for every type from little song birds to penguins – even including dinosaurs such as the dangerous velociraptor (and yes…they are!). So naturally I tend to flock (lol GET IT? -.-) to items with a bird theme. And while this outfit isn’t ‘omg look a bird!’ it has hints of items with birds on them! Such as the DUBOO*‘s crow leggings from Designers United II and the the birdieh tankdress from Luck Inc. which I’m wearing underneath my hoody! Plus I tend to almost always wear the burdy ears from The Plastik which are in my opinion the best elf ears in SL! And the fact these have birds sitting on top each with a color changing script is just an extra win.

BTW- If you haven’t bought a tankdress from Luck Inc. go do it now! They are probably the best investment you can make as they can be put into so many different looks! You can never have enough tanks and these are, like all of *Linc*’s items, amazingly high quality. Maybe I’ll be able to prove this point in later blog posts! It’s something you will not regret buying when you notice how much you go to put it on.

Also I should mention that the only reason I own the hoody from Surf Co. in this teal color is simply so I had an excuse to buy the cybercandy makeup from Pink Fuel‘s Skye line! I nneeeeeeded it in my life but had nothing to match it but then seen the perfect color of this vintage fall fall hoody and had to get it!

Hair: >Truth< Madison – mocha

Skin: [PF] Skye – Cybercandy (dkbrow + hair/freck)

Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Coffee

Hoody: [SC] Surf Couture – Vintage Fall Fest Hoodie – Sea Foam

Undershirt: *Linc* Tankdress Birdiehs

Pants: DUBOO*cotton candy leggings crow

Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Parker Knit Boots – Snow

Elf Ears: [Plastik]-ElfEars-Burdy With Gems <3

Foodies: [PF] Toaster Pastry

Head: [Plastik]-HeadBurdy<3.

Piercings: ::PLFL:: Mercy Me v.3 (mouth)

can’t fight this feeling
kissez4u gossipgirl

I don’t really like to talk about myself, I usually let that up to everyone else, but I have been in SL for 2 and a half years now, and I felt like I should be doing something, and of course I had to make Chill do it with me. So here we are, attempting a blog. We take enough pictures and log enough hours, so why not?

This is my first post and I haven’t a clue what to say. My SL is currently in that “I dunno what to do” state. I don’t own land, after spending 18 months on the same plot. Luckily Kurt loves me and lets me have a platform to take peectures! <3 But lately things seem to be constantly changing, growing apart from old friends, making new ones. So what better time to try something new?

Today I tp’d to {paper.doll} initially wanting the “Thirsty Thursday” shirt, but I am low on L, and I seen this dress, which is very much me. So I ended up with this! After getting it, I spent about forever picking what to add to it, and this is where it went.

.:Hermony:. released these eyes this week, and wow the colors are stunning, I love how they stand out. I got sea and smog, and I want more!!! Also, you will probably see these Hermony wrist cuffs often, they are one of my “default” items, I add them to just about every outfit. (that they work with)

p.s. I love this hair! Best.Magika.Hair.Ever.

Rings: Actions Womens Rings- Plain

Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Sea

Hair: Magika Hair – Aurora

Tatts: [Plastik] – Feathers – faded

Wrist bands: .:Hermony:. Studded wristband – black

Boots: Kboots – Black

Necklace: (NS) Rock’n’Roll Chain

Skin: Lara skins – Adina Angel

Tights *Sheer* – torn shiny black

Dress: {paper.doll} ShimmerMini