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you would not believe your eyes

In lookbook on 03/10/2010 at 1:45 pm

So I was going through my inventory and found all my ollld Canimal stuff which made me go ‘awww’ as back in my noob days I was just in LOVE with that store. I’m pretty certain I bought out the entire store and wore it constantly and all the damn time! But then Canimal slowed in making new items till there wasn’t any updates at all. :( I really hope one day she comes back and starts making awesome items again! I decided to wear something from her store and I had seen I had the skellyflies. Being that I haven’t worn them at all since buying them I figured I should try and use them now! So there are the sole reason this outfit was put together today.

So now the next step was finding something a little bright but dark at the same time. Naturally I went to the Plastik who is one of my favorite stores on the grid and put on this strappy corset type thing (I know I have a way with words. <3). But I didn't really want my boobies hanging out and I started looking through my dresses folder thinking of what to put under it and I came across the mini lace dress from Inimitably Design. I really like the design of the dress so I tested it with the Plastik top and if you asked me I thought they looked real nice together! And since it was lace It gave me an excuse to put on the Atomic Amour Heels that I wear FAR too much but what can I say, a good shoe is a good shoe!

As for the rest, these items are actually all things I naturally go for. The collar from Hat Mechanic from my Maus set is something I like to wear when I dress like this because it just seems to fit so perfectly! I really think I need to invest in buying a regular one from her at some point as I had seen she released some awhile ago just by themselves and just haven’t gotten to it yet! These cuffs from Hermony are also something I put on whenever I dress smexy, tough or fantasy-ish so naturally they were put on along with these stockings from *Sheer*. *Sheer* has SOOOOO many different styles of stockings, by the way. They have different styles of the stockings and then under it will have different variants of the stocking such as different rips or whatever, each costing 200L. Plus they’re wonderfully made!

After finally dressing myself, I needed a sim to take the pictures in so I started looking around trying to find that perrrfect sim that’d fit my outfit and I found it in Wasted Night’s Bentham Forest. It has a spooky feel to it (probably because it’s said to be haunted :o) and just oooooooooh so beautiful! It has lights, fireflies and an overall dark feeling to it. I found a spot to take pictures in and started messing around with my windlight settings to get the perfect look to the pictures I was about to take and then crashed about a million times trying to get my graphic settings higher. :( lmao But it was worth it!

xoxo chillatrix

Hair: * 0 Style *Enrica*(Raven)

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin_Grace_Cream – Daring Nude

Corset: [plastik]-Strapped-Bordello

Dress: InimitablyDesign / Black Mini Lace Dress – Black Satin Corsage

Stockings: *Sheer* Tights 04: Torn Fishnet Black

Heels: [ATOMIC] Footwear – Amour Heels_Black

Collar: Hat Mechanic Maus Collar
Wrist Bands: .:Hermony:. Studded-Wristbands BlackSet

Head: Canimal – Skellyflies

Elf Ears: [plastik]-Elven Ears-Battle

Piercings: ::PLFL:: Mercy Me

Tattoo: GoK Tattoo the Wired Garden 2.0
Setting: Wasted Night’s Bentham Forest