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Trouble is a bubble in a champagne glass

In lookbook, MV-SL-Fashion on 03/31/2011 at 4:28 pm

Oh Pose Fair, how I have missed thee! It is that time of year again, for all the amazing pose creators to come together and show of their skillz! And wow they are skilled! Over the next couple weeks my blog posts will focus on poses and not so much on clothes. If is you see something in a picture and you want to know where it is from, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

First up is GLITTERATI! Which should be no surprise because when it comes to couple/group poses, Katey kicks ass. Every pose is so smooth and beyond creative! I had so much fun taking the pictures for the ‘Lifted’ pose. The fact that my model was easy to look at, made it even sweeter. It was his idea to add the bottle, and I think it was brilliant! It put the perfect finish on the mood for the pic. A long night of partying, and now off to bed they go ;) Thanks for playing with me Max. Make sure you check out his flickr stream HERE! Now it’s time for dinner. I will be back tomorrow with more!


p.s. Pose Fair 2011 OPENS TOMORROW. Strip down, take all your prims off, throw on some undies and a tank and have at it. Remember no one is looking at you, they are shopping, so help fight the lag, and loose the hair! =D

Pose: GLITTERATI – Lifted

Pose: GLITTERATI – Affinity


In lookbook, Pose Fair 2010 on 04/04/2010 at 12:27 pm

I am still so so busy! I wish I could update daily, but it takes me forever to get a post organized, so until RLife slows down, I will just update as often as possible!!

First up, my skiiiiiin! It is new from !Imabee, and so damn cute! It’s a younger look then I normally go for, but the makeup selection is so full of win! I had to mod my face shape a bit so the nose and lips looked proportional, but I think it came out adorable!

This dress is so damn smexy! When I seen it on Aranel Ah’s ( creator of *BOOM*) flickr stream I wanted it badly!! There are so many colors to choose from, you will definitely find one you can’t live without. These socks are also from *BOOM*, the cuffs on them are perfect! Again, a ton of colors to choose from!

Chill told me about the hair sale at Kyoot, and there was no passing that up. I’ve always wanted a couple of hairs from there. I picked this one up for 50L. If you love hair like I do, you will TP right over!!

To the poses… I had so many to go through, I didn’t know where to begin. I threw all my new ones in a Pose hud, and went off to take pics. These three caught my eye for the theme I was going for, and I think they are adorable!!! Do not miss Pose Fair 2010, you will regret it!!






Skin: !Imabee – Vivian – Vivian Grins Like a Chesire Cat – Coffee
Hair: [KA] – Hot Mess – Black
Dress: *BOOM* 15-Love dresses SAMPLE PACK
Socks: *BOOM* Cuffed socks green
Shoes: 2Real Pure
Bandaids: Reek – Bandaids – Plain – Right Leg (Upants)
Necklace: The Zip – silver neaclace sculpty hand & colorscripted wood female fit
Bracelet: [ND] Silver Bracelet with Turquoise Beads by Lost (I changed the bead colors)
Tattoo: porcupine love true love stories never have endings
Eye: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Emerald
Lashes: Cake – Separated Lashes – Tintable
Piercings: [-ipoke-] Seraph (No chains)

Pose 1: Miamai Model pose Coco 06
Pose 2: Miamai Model Pose60
Pose 3: (p4p) Trashy super model – 5
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Pose Fair 2010 -WDK-

In Pose Fair 2010 on 03/31/2010 at 8:44 am

Haiiii everyone! Pose Fair starts 4/2/10, mark it on your calendar! With that being said, my next couple posts will be focused on the poses! Katey has done an amazing job setting up the fair! I am so excited for it to open!!! There are so many awesome pose stores lined up for this event. You do not want to miss out. So save those Ls.

Featured today are the new releases from -WDK-, for Pose Fair 2010. There is one for everyone; a group pose, a couple pose, and a BFF pose. They are all adorable! I had a lot of fun taking the friends pose and editing it. It comes with a color change background, with some great color selections. The couple pose is just <3 The way his hand lays on hers is just *sighs*.. so sweet.

p.s. If you have a question about anything worn in the photos, leave a comment and I will try to answer!


 Come Closer

The In Crowd

Lean on me

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