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[I think I know you from somewhere]

In lookbook on 03/05/2010 at 8:42 pm

“It’s a small world” rings true not only in RL, but in SL too. Today I got to meet a flickr friend, Static Ghost. When we started talking the other day, I was nosing in his profile (cause that’s what I do, I am a total profile perv) and I learned that he was from the same state as me, we started talking about that, and he mentioned he went to school in the next town over from mine. So we both new different places in the area [I.e. the dirty dirty strip club]. It was good times laughing about that. I wanted to take a pic with the new -WDK- pose “Atrapada“, so we got together today and as you can see below, we took a pic. Turns out him and Chill crossed paths in SL before, so yeah…

“It’s a small world”.

I am loving the colors and textures of this outfit. It’s still cold around here, but I like to show skin too. :P (as you will see in further posts). This top and bottom are sweater prints, and I imagine if I could feel them, they would be soft and awesome! The top is from *Crazy*, the creator loan Jogiches is so so sweet, and her clothing style, and textures are just perfect. The skirt, suspender, and socks are from *League* who never fails to impress. The whole “Grandad/Thermal” collection is awesome, and there are great colors of shirts, skirts, socks, etc to choose from. Awesome for mix n matching.

Last but not least my earrings are from {JUNK}. The first pair of earrings I bought there as a newb, I wore I think for about a year, possibly more, never changed them. It was <333. Then I found the store again in a hunt while back, and I squeeled, now I have a bunch! These specific ones match my Hermony eyes in Emerald perfect <3.

p.s. Check out these sims for pics:

Tempura Island

AM Radio Sim- Surface

[i think i know you from somewhere]

Skin: Lara Skins – Adina
Hair: [Nouveau Miranda] Gia – Browns
Shirt: *Crazy* Peru Sweater 2
Suspenders: *League* Grandad Braces Brown/silver/creases
Skirts: *League* Thermal Skirt Brown
Socks: *Leagues* Thermal Long Songs Frayes Ecru
Earrings: {JUNK} Acer
Boots: *Kookie* Armarda boot/Vintage
Tattoo: [Plastik] – Feathers – faded
Piercings: [ipoke] Ballad
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Emerald
Lashes: Cake – separated lashes

Couples Pose: -WDK- Atrapada 100L