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Right now, give me that old school beat

In lookbook on 07/11/2010 at 5:51 pm

So everything in this post is old except the skin! And by old, I mean 2+ yrs ago! I was sorting through my inventory, came across the different parts and was was super happy with the look. So I decided to blog it!

This is my favorite Ploom/Deviant Kitties hair ever. I forgot I had it and was really excited when I tried it on! The pants aren’t available in-world anymore, but you can still get them on xstreet! YAY for that! Gear Shift makes some awesome stuff for guys and girls, this hoodie is my one of my faves! I own 2 pairs of sneakers I actually wear. My SoReals and 2Reals… interesting. I figured since I was kickin’ it old school, I would go for the SoReals. They work with everything.

Today has been a lazy, lazy Sunday and I don’t foresee that changing. I hope you are enjoying yours, as much as I am enjoying mine!


p.s. All poses are from Oh my star poses! She has cuuute stuffs and shhh… freebies too. Check it out!

Right now, give me that old school beat

Right now, give me that old school beat

Right now, give me that old school beat

Skin: *League* Taylor Dark -Angel- Frex-Hair
Hair: Ploom/Deviant Kitties – Scarlette – Black
Hoodie: Gear Shift – Hoodie – Ronin (rolled)
Tank: [CALYPSO GIANO] Tank Dress – CLASSIC –
Jeans: -NM- Overall blue Unisex (
Sneakers: SOREAL Superstars WHITE/Black (SSP002)
Necklace: (Yummy) Multiple Chain Necklace
Wrsit cuffs: .:Hermony:. Grey/black cuffs
Eye: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Smog
Face Piercings: [-iPoke-] Seraph
Tattoo: Garden of Ku Neo2



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