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In lookbook, MV-SL-Fashion on 05/08/2010 at 10:09 am

Sooo I suck! I haven’t blogged in soooo long and so I felt and obligation to blog today! I looooooooooooove the new Fashionably Dead skins SO much! The moment I found out they were out I rushed on over and grab a bunch of demos. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do and ended up buying the entire Slasher pack though I willll be coming back for the Faded pack! These so easily became my favorite current skin and they make me extremeeellyyyy happy!

It’s the weekend! Do you know what that means!? 50L Friday, Stumblebum and Project Themeory! I’m still collecting some stuff I haven’t gotten to buy for them but this outfit features part of the outfit from Tres Blah! It was the cutestttt shorts and tank ever! I am earing the shorts buttt I decided to pair it with Whippet&Buck’s 50L Friday (i think?!?) simple cropped bustier. I have wanted the bustier from there foreverrr but could NEVER pick out a color and I’m not one to fatpack often so I always told myself “when you have an outfit in mind for one come back and buy it” then I seen that the simple bustiers were put out for 50L (maybe lmao) as a FATPACK! I jumped allll over that bad boy! I thought the shorts and top looked good togetherr!

Kaz Pexie, a girl whose flickr I love following because of the AMAZINGNESS, made the best elf ears EVER! The moment I seen them I needed them in my slife and I have not been able to take them off! She did such an amazing job and the skintones in the ears are actually pretty accurate to skins I wear so thats a major plus! I hate having to fiddle a whole lot in making prim parts match. :(

xoxo chillatrix.

Hair: Clawtooth The Seas Met – AutumnMix

Skin: (fb) Bird Skin – Slasher 2 (freckles)

Eyes: -tb- Artic Eyes

Bustier: [W&B] Simple Cropped Bustier ANTIQUE 1

Shorts: -tb- Pretty Girl Outfit – full printed shorts

Heels: ETD Starley Pumps (Cocoa)
{no longer available sorry :/}
Necklace: (Yummy) Travelers Charms

Flower: /artilleri/ Skull hair flower *color change*

Elf Ears: ! V i s a v i Epigon Ear – Chained

Pose 1: GLITTERATI – Ice Skating 4

Pose 2: {flowey} ruffles and ribbons.

Pose 3: [LAP] The Zoe

  1. I’m stealing this entire look! So cuuute.

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