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In lookbook, MV-SL-Fashion on 04/12/2010 at 12:26 pm

I FAILLLLL! I haven’t updated in soo long but a lot has happened and I’ve been excited and more focused on that! D: I am sorry! First offff, I am in pose fair! If you hadn’t checked out my store you shoulddd just because you love me and stuffs. It’s called Porcupine Love and don’ttt ask about the name. It was a last minute thing because I wanted something cute and random and yeaahh! I actually have a new pose set I’ll be releasing in pose fair in the next coming days hopefully soon like today or tomorrow. :x lmao I having sl issues when it comes to picture taking so Kissey had to take my pictures for today and I edited them so HOPEFULLY MAYBE she’d love me enough to help with taking pictures for a vendor ad! <3

Anywhos, Kyrsten and Plastic have both come up with an amazinggg new project called Project Themeory. It’s where a group of designers get togteher and each create a product in that theme. This weeks theme is ‘Spring Fling’ and everythingggg for it is sooo cute and only 75L each! You really need to go and look at all the awesome items for it. LIKE A PINK FUEL SKIN FROM THE NEWWW LINE! :o I may or may not have stalked her store wanting it in my inventory. I actually had it on for this outfit BUT at last minute when &Bean released this group gift I had to change it up. Sorry Pink Fuel but you’re still my numbero uno. <3 You're for next post!

Oh…and did I mention there is a group gift for &bean??!? Cause, that’s kinda important. It came with a notecard saying there will be a whole skin line coming out by maybe the end of the month and I’m excitedd! And nervous about the whole fact that there are now THREE skin fatpacks I want. Grrrrr! >:| But excited none-the-less! You should definitely join the group and get this skinnn it’s sooo cute! *does a little happy dance*

xoxo chillatrix.

Hair: Clawtooth 50L Friday “Fancy Fancy” in “Coco”
Skin: &Bean Hounds of love LIGHT Nyckelpiga dark brow

Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Coffee

Shirt: [ATOMIC] Spring Fling – Cloud
[Themeory Item]
Skirt: Kyoot – Loathed High-Waisted Mini- Taupe

Boots: {theosophy} Airth Boot – Dirt

Necklace: [AddiCt] Circle Project Special Edition

Socks: Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White

Peircings: ::PLFL:: Mercy Me v.3

Pose 1: [doll.]Gabriella 7
Pose 2: *Sh33k Poses – The Casual Gal 2
Scenery: Kyoot – Project Themory – Spring Fling Home Set [Themeory Item]


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