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In lookbook, Pose Fair 2010 on 04/04/2010 at 12:27 pm

I am still so so busy! I wish I could update daily, but it takes me forever to get a post organized, so until RLife slows down, I will just update as often as possible!!

First up, my skiiiiiin! It is new from !Imabee, and so damn cute! It’s a younger look then I normally go for, but the makeup selection is so full of win! I had to mod my face shape a bit so the nose and lips looked proportional, but I think it came out adorable!

This dress is so damn smexy! When I seen it on Aranel Ah’s ( creator of *BOOM*) flickr stream I wanted it badly!! There are so many colors to choose from, you will definitely find one you can’t live without. These socks are also from *BOOM*, the cuffs on them are perfect! Again, a ton of colors to choose from!

Chill told me about the hair sale at Kyoot, and there was no passing that up. I’ve always wanted a couple of hairs from there. I picked this one up for 50L. If you love hair like I do, you will TP right over!!

To the poses… I had so many to go through, I didn’t know where to begin. I threw all my new ones in a Pose hud, and went off to take pics. These three caught my eye for the theme I was going for, and I think they are adorable!!! Do not miss Pose Fair 2010, you will regret it!!






Skin: !Imabee – Vivian – Vivian Grins Like a Chesire Cat – Coffee
Hair: [KA] – Hot Mess – Black
Dress: *BOOM* 15-Love dresses SAMPLE PACK
Socks: *BOOM* Cuffed socks green
Shoes: 2Real Pure
Bandaids: Reek – Bandaids – Plain – Right Leg (Upants)
Necklace: The Zip – silver neaclace sculpty hand & colorscripted wood female fit
Bracelet: [ND] Silver Bracelet with Turquoise Beads by Lost (I changed the bead colors)
Tattoo: porcupine love true love stories never have endings
Eye: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Emerald
Lashes: Cake – Separated Lashes – Tintable
Piercings: [-ipoke-] Seraph (No chains)

Pose 1: Miamai Model pose Coco 06
Pose 2: Miamai Model Pose60
Pose 3: (p4p) Trashy super model – 5
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  1. Say! A pose hud?? Where would one buy such a thing! Great post, you look adorable!! <33

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