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Pose Fair 2010 -WDK-

In Pose Fair 2010 on 03/31/2010 at 8:44 am

Haiiii everyone! Pose Fair starts 4/2/10, mark it on your calendar! With that being said, my next couple posts will be focused on the poses! Katey has done an amazing job setting up the fair! I am so excited for it to open!!! There are so many awesome pose stores lined up for this event. You do not want to miss out. So save those Ls.

Featured today are the new releases from -WDK-, for Pose Fair 2010. There is one for everyone; a group pose, a couple pose, and a BFF pose. They are all adorable! I had a lot of fun taking the friends pose and editing it. It comes with a color change background, with some great color selections. The couple pose is just <3 The way his hand lays on hers is just *sighs*.. so sweet.

p.s. If you have a question about anything worn in the photos, leave a comment and I will try to answer!


 Come Closer

The In Crowd

Lean on me

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  1. That green dress in the last photo is soo cute! Any idea where it is from?

  2. No clue! That’s Rallu in the pic, IM her and ask her. I am sure she knows or can look it up!

  3. where is the hair from in the first pic, the couples one?? sorry for the late comment lol i only just found this site and i LOVE IT!

  4. That is Mavi, from Truth!! And Thank youuu bunchies!! Better late then never!! LOL <33

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