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Chapter Four: cupcakes & lingerie

In lookbook on 03/08/2010 at 3:59 pm

Soo post four, wow! I still suck at what to say here.

Last night I went to Acid & Mala for a necklace and ended up with a whole new outfit! It is sugary and sweet and cute and not often my style, but I couldn’t resist. I am in love with the little cupcakes that are smashed to the dress. It comes in two colors: Pink or White, and you can choose stained or not. The dress is only available at the A&M Harajukubox location. Acid & Mala are awesome with all their layers and style options for one outfit. It leaves plenty of room for mixing and matching different pieces. So if you haven’t been there… Go, and if you have… Go again. =D

The Lingerie is DeeTaLeZ, and they have some awesome clothes. The textures are very high quality and the selection is huge. The store is set up in sections, which makes it very easy to navigate. Definitely check it out.

[My 3 yr old staring at my computer screen]
Me: Whatcha doing?
Him: Looking at those cupcakes on your screen.
Me: Orly, do you like them?
Him: They look deeeeelicious

Such Cuteness.. Okay now to clothes.

p.s. The separate cupcakes and stains are only 50L



Chapter Four: cupcakes & lingerie

Chapter Four: cupcakes & lingerie

Chapter Four: cupcakes & lingerie

Pics 1 & 2
Skin: :Curio: Acorn [Dark] Cupid-Crave 1
Hair: W&Y Agata Model
Dress & Thigh Highs: Acid & Mala
Cupcake stains/Cupcakes: Acid & Mala
Necklace: Acid & Mala
Piercings: [ipoke]

Pics 3 & 4
Skin & Face Cupcake: [ATOMIC] Cake Face – Honey (Former VIP gift, not available)
Hair: W&Y Agata Model
Cupcake stains/Cupcakes: Acid & Mala
Piercings: [ipoke]
Bra & Pantie set: DeeTaleZ Lingerie pattern and lace rose


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